GEOINT Workshop 2014

The 2014 GEOINT Workshop will be held on August 13th in the East Hall #3 of the Von Braun Center from 8 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. This year, the workshop is part of the educational track of the Space and Missile Defense (SMD) Symposium. The workshop will provide a keynote address by Maj. Gen. William Reddel III, the Adjutant General of the State of New Hampshire. In addition, we'll have an update of the activities of GEO Huntsville's GEOINT and Education Working Groups that have been involved with a development of the Exemplar City model and pilot programs for "Blueprint for Safety" as well as cooperative activities with Energy Huntsville. The complete agenda for the workshop is available on the SMD website. To view the agenda and to register for this free event, please see the SMD website.

GEO-Energy Huntsville Summit and Educational Forum 2014

The GEO-Energy Huntsville Summit and Educational Forum is planned for November 12-13 at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center's Davidson Center Auditorium and Education Training Facility. Information on registration, speaking and exhibiting at the Summit is now availableThe Summit focuses on applications of using geospatial information and energy management solutions for economic and workforce development in Huntsville and North Alabama.

GEOINT Workshop 2013 Presentations

Slides from presentations at the GEOINT Workshop, August 14, 2013 held at the Von Braun Center.

Here's a summary from Hugh Stanley about the GEO-Energy-Cyber Huntsville Summit:

  • Sr. Officers and Execs can over-reach at trying to appear folksy
  • "Inter Operability" is a word that everyone there seemed to innately know - except me
  • Sometimes the wing-nuts show themselves - A question from the crowd to a very professional exec. intimated if he thought the Western wildfires were a product of Al Qaeda...
  • One of the presenters had a wizardly "mindmap" chart she zoomed in and out of that really brought her point home - much better than PPT - - gotta find out what that software was
  • ...Friday I tagged up with one of the officials and she was kind enough to tell me that it was freeware at  ...pretty impressive in action
  • Auburn's got a dynamic executive staff for Cyber Security in Rodney Robertson and Ron Burgess.
  • We know aggregate as much intel data in 60 seconds as we did in all of 1995 do we turn big data into big value?
  • "Lightning Round Presentations" are pretty darn cool - especially if you have a good emcee (Antonio Montoya filled the bill.)
  • Stand outs:  Tom Chandler, Kirk Sorenson, Jon Randel (a last-minute stand-in for Lockheed)
  • Alton Reich gave a pitch on Oil from Algae ...very cool - but in one slide talks about "here's the algae, all happy" ...and the next slide shows how they've ruptured their cell walls to harvest the oil.   ...didn't know I HAD any empathy for Algae.
  • Greg Ennis - a High School teacher ...that teaches ENGINEERING High School students.  Explained the need for corporate support of local schools,  Emphasized the value of getting involved, Showed how to get involved. five minutes.  []
  • Just because you are a good Sr. Army officer doesn't necessarily mean you can keep a crowd's attention, especially if no one is really stoked on the subject.
  • An administrator's lament:  "People roll out ideas, turn them on, and then forget about them"  ...i.e.; there's a lifecycle to thought that results in unused garbage in a program or server.
  • Pete Cuviello - "Stupidity and ignorance are more dangerous than hackers"
  • can learn a lot about people just by their body language when they present
  • Sometimes the breaks between presentations were much more productive than the meetings - lots of good networking and catching up with old friends
  • John Warner:  "You can do due diligence, but there are always unknowable unknowns"
  • The final panel was well-placed and well worth the wait.
  • Tim Knox turned out to be more than a pair of run-down cowboy boots and in many ways was the thought leader of the group.
  • Steve Hill (AEgis Technologies) was the closest match to the historic "HSV business model" but also proved to be an innovative thinker that got the whole  'understanding the time and place you live in and understanding your customer - and meet them at their point of need with your ability to help "
  • Joanne Randolph and Dick Reeves ably represented business incubation and angel investing.
  • Tim Knox:  (paraphrase)  "We can't, and shouldn't emulate other places, we feed off our strengths - Arsenal, MSFC, etc.  ...being a supporter of the Arsenal sometimes means being NOT as quick on innovation ...we don't respond to the Google model"
  • Joanne Randolph:  Tech skills are so important - sometimes  it should be the CTO that starts the company instead of the CEO
  • Tim Pickens:  There's constant friction between engineers and visionaries, and it shows up at product launches, technical reviews...
  • John Warner:  Let HSV be HSV
  • Tim Knox:  There's no one group out there that has their arms out to the entrepreneur right now
  • John Warner:  Entrepreneurial projects need to define the participants points of enlightened self-interest ...need to ask the crowd "what do you want out of this" ...leads to folks being on the same page - - much better than the question "what do we have in common?" ...which can ironically be more alienating.
  • The comment was made that it's part of the DNA of the CoC to not be good at dealing with entrepreneurs  ...they are a membership-based org ...a different culture
  • John Whitman (UAH) recommended looking into UAH's ICE (Innovation Commercialization and Entrepreneurship) Lab as a resource
  • Several recommended considering HOT Coffee (HSV Open Tech)  -

During one of the breaks I talked to a gentleman that regaled in the past GEO meetings that were specifically focused just on Geospatial interests - he said the crowd was just about as big back then, but got into more of the details.  The times, they are a-changin'

The consolidation of the Energy, Cyber and GEO efforts may be a good thing in light of our recent national and local austerity - - it's getting harder to draw a crowd or profess to know the way forward on any one issue - but it is interesting that even after all this time the path has not been delineated any better.

The Summit was well worth the time and very well done: Joe Francica, Antonio Mentoya, and the whole crowd did yeoman's work, and I'll definitely make this a regular stop on my Huntsville rounds.

Hugh Stanley

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