Ben McGee
Aleta Technologies

Ben McGee is the chief scientist and a certified ethical hacker for Aleta Technologies.

Mobile Device Forensics

Mobile Devices are changing rapidly. Just when you think you have the best one on the market, another one comes out that is better. To that end, keeping up with the tools and techniques used to pull data off of mobile devices is very important. In this technical presentation, Mr. McGee talks about the latest and greatest devices, the “Bring you own Device (BYOD) to work” initiative, the potential of intellectual property spilling over to the device and ultimately the Cloud. Ben will also speak to the target that is placed on the Huntsville area as the second largest concentration of spies in the United States, next to the DC Metro Area.

Mr. McGee ties the presentation together by gathering Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) on a target person, gaining access to their device, pulling an image from the device and slicing and dicing the data captured by forensic analysis. Mr. McGee continues through the presentation by utilizing Social Networks to gather additional data about the targeted person tying it in with Google Earth and shows a “Personal Profile” that is rich in detail and usually very eye opening to the audience.

Publications: Directions Magazine | All Points Blog | Directions Magazine India
Conferences: Location Intelligence Conference | GEO Hunstville Conference